Mert Tolay, a Turkish trance radio talent, was born in 1979 in Turkey. When Mert was 13, he wanted to play guitar, found himself on metal music scene as a bass guitar player. Then he didn't find metal music emotional and melodic, so Mert jumped to Spanish guitar especially flamenco. Mert had been spent approx. 6 years on guitar. In 1996 his musical mind was changed. This song was "Robert Miles - Children".He discovered trance in 98's with Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk. "Paul van Dyk - Another way","Planet Perfecto - Bullet in a Gun" enhanced him. By 2000's Armin van Buuren was biggest name on Trance and the guide for Mert.

Trance became a passion and a mission for Mert so he decided to mix own sets and his Trance Radio DJ career started in mid of 2006. After spending 2 years and 76 shows on AH.FM, his weekly radioshow "Trancelation" was stopped, he continues to share his passion for evocative melodies with another show "Torque Shaft" on ODU.FM and also publishing monthly missions of "Mert Tolay Podcast" on Itunes. mTy's monthly show "Longest Highway" and ClubDV.FM stopped at the end of 2007.

His production career started in 2009. ‘Brotherhood’, his debut production was signed to Andromeda Recordings. He learned production techniques from many of the finest producers in the world to result in 'Brotherhood'. Keeping up quality with every release, trying to create unique style on production is one of his main goals. Mert married in 2008, nowadays preparing himself to live trance events and still working as an Industrial Engineer.